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Rolling bearings’ rustproof

Bearings’ rustproof is a very important work, specifically rustproof in inter process. There’re several ways of rustproof in inter process.

1.Immerse bearings in rustproof groove 
Put bearing rings into aqueous solution with 5% sodium nitrite and 0.6% sodium carbonate, the rustproof effort is good, but it need many rustproof grooves, they use a lot of space and hard to manage.

2.Dip bearings with concentrated sodium nitrite
Clean the products, Immerse them in solution with 15%-20%sodium nitrite and sodium carbonate, then pile them. This method has a short time of rustproof; it can only keep 7-14 days and in rainy season can only keep 2-3 days. So we need to redo it which cost a lot of manpower and money.

Dip antirust oil like finished product. This method need to wash before next step, it’s more difficult.

For many years of experience, improve rustproof in inter process. Spray has better effort rustproof.

3.1 Reasons for corrosion
  1. Some firms didn’t follow the rule of rustproof and require of package by oil seals to against rust.
  2. Some firms’ rustproof clean kerosene products can not reach the quality standard.
  3. Because the price of bearing steel gets down, the quality of bearing steel materials get worse.
  4. Some firms have bad environment, high harmful substances content are in air. This environment is hard to do work of antirust.

3.2 Identify of bearings’ corrosion
  1. Observe it by eyes: observe corrosion of bearings’ outlook 
  2. Use magnifier (5~10times) to observe the corrosion of bearings. 

  3. Use microscope (25~100times) to analysis the corrosion products.