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Adjusting method of damaged SKF universal joint bearings

When judging SKF universal joint bearings’ damage condition, we can use “hearing, touch, observe” way.

Using auditory to define anomalous run is a normal way. Experienced operators and maintenance personnel usually use screwdriver or electronic stethoscope to check some unmoral abnormal noise. Universal joint bearings in good condition sound like “wow”, if the sound like hiss and other abnormal sound maybe the bearings are in bad running condition.

 High temperature shows that bearings are in abnormal condition. High temperature is bad for lubricants in bearings, but sometime high temperature in bearings are because of lubricants. If universal joint bearings run in over 120℃ for a long time, the life of bearings will reduce. There’re serial reasons for the high temperature in bearings: lack of lubrication, excessive lubrication, sediment in lubricants, too much load, damaged bearings, less clearance and so on. In normal situation, bearings will have high temperature after lubricate for one or two days.

 If SKF bearings can get better lubrication and no impurities get in, oil seals would not broke. After open original bearing box, we should check universal joint bearings and ail seals timely. Check the condition of oil seals near bearings, make sure they can avoid hot liquid, corrosive liquid or gases get into bearings by axis. If oil seals broke, we must change it quickly. Check the automatic lubricating system to make sure oil or grease get into the bearings.

During the instillation of bearings, clearance can’t be too big or too small. If clearance is too big, rolling bodies which can carry load at a same time will reduce, single rolling bodies’ load will increase, so the bearings’ rotary accuracy will reduce, the life of bearings will also reduce. If clearance is too small, friction will increase, so the heat will increase, life of bearings will also be affected. So we should control and adjust clearance strictly.