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Car wheel bearings’ installation and usage

Car wheel bearings usually used single row tapered roller bearings or ball bearings in the past. With the development of technology, cars have widely use car wheel bearings. The application field and usage of car wheel bearings are increasing. Car wheel bearings have developed to the third generation. During Car wheel bearings’ installation and usage these points must be concerned:

1、In order to keep the safety and reliability, we suggest that no matter how old your cars are, you should check car wheel bearings often, including any noise during running, suspension combination wheels’ retarded when cars turn curves. For rear wheel drive cars should be suggested to lubricate front wheels’ wheel bearings when the cars run 38000 kilometers. Check the bearings and change the oil seals when changing the brake systems.

2、If there’s noise in the wheel bearings, the most important part is to find the direction of the noise. There’re many moving parts may have noise. Maybe      there was some contact between rotatably moving parts and non-rotatably moving parts. If it’s true that the noise was in the bearings, the bearings may be damage and needed to be changed.

3、Wheel bearings are sensitive, in any situation they need right ways and proper tools. In the process of transportation and installation, bearings’ component can not be damaged. Some bearings need greater pressure, so we should chose special tools. Consult your cars' instruction manual.

4、bearings’ installation environment should be clean. Even small particles will affect reduce bearings’ service life. It’s very important to keep the environment clean during the process of changing bearings. Don’t use hammer down the bearings, and do not throw it on the flood. Remember to check the axle and housing before installation, even small wear can lead to premature failure of the bearings.

5、Bearings with ABS device have  magnetic thrusting rings in the seals. This kind of thrusting ring can’t be knocked, attacked or repelled with other magnetic fields. Take them from the packages before installation; keep them away from magnetic fields, like the motor, electrical tools and so on. During the installation of these bearings, operations of the bearings are changed by observing ABS warning pointers on the instrument panel in Road test.

6、Many bearings are sealed, this kind of bearings do not need to add lubricating grease in their life time. Other bearings like double row tapered roller bearings, they must add lubricating grease during the installation. It’s hard to make sure how many lubricating greases should be added, because the sizes of the bearings’ inner cavity are different. The most important is to make sure there’re greases in the bearings, if there’re too much greases, when the bearings moving the greases will spill over. Generally, the number of the greases should be half of the bearing’s clearance.