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Adjustment and testing of bearings

While using bearings, we should monitor the outer environment of bearings often, like monitor temperature, vibration and noise and so on. This regular check will find the potential problems and avoid unexpected phenomenon. It will make production plan can come true, and improve productivity and efficiency of factories.

During the operation, bearings should be relubricate rightly, it will perfect bearings’ performance. Miniature bearings’ ways of lubrication can be divided into oil lubrication and grease lubrication. In order to make better use of bearings, we should first choose lubricate ways that suit the condition and purpose of usage. If we only take lubrication into consideration, oil lubrication takes advantage. But grease lubrication cans simple surrounding structures of bearings. Bearings’ precision level increase from zero, for normal use 0 is enough.

Standard bearings have many kinds of sizes, when design mechanism, you’d better use Standard bearings’ load. Loads pressed in bearings have changeable property sizes and directions. Usually, rated basic load shows on the size excel. But axial loads, thrust loads and so on are also important elements to choose proper bearings. When the sizes of ball and needle roller bearings are same, needle roller bearings always have high load capacity, and they can under hard shock and shock load.