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Application of airline jet and helicopter bearings

There are many mechanicals nowadays, especially some airline jet also use bearings. Usually airplanes use the imported bearings imported bearings, especially SKF bearings. Then we will talk about application of airline jet and helicopter.

1.    Trent900与GP7000 engine
FAG is the only supplier of the all jetliners’ engine bearings and numerous elements of new Rolls-Royce “Trent 900 engine”. This energy provide energy for Airbus A 380—the biggest airbus in the world. FAG will provide the secondary engine for Airbus A 380 in the future. The engine is SKF, HP Company and General Electric Company jointly developed which called GP7000.

2.    Trent 500 engine
FAG airline bearings department cooperate with Rolls-Royce closely. Develop the new main bearings used in airbus A340-500 and Trent 500 engine.
FAG bearings success factors:1、FAG airline bearings department plays an important role in engine bearings(main bearings and gearbox  bearings). 2、Trent 500 engine provide high power density. 3、 FAG synthesized test project prove the reliability of high power main bearings. 

3.    PW4000 engine
More than half commercial airliners use HP engine. More 70 aircraft companies have confidence with the reliability of PW4000 engine. Thrust from 22tons to 45tons, nearly almost large jets are produced by and Boeing.
Airbus:A300; A310; A330;Boeing:B747; B767;B777; MD-11
FAG bearings success factors:1.FAG airline bearings department is the supplier of these engines’ main bearings. 2. FAG airline bearings department is the authorized supplier of all gearbox bearings. 3. At the same time these bearings must maintain the highest stander of quality and reliability.

4.    BR700 engine 
BR700 engine’s integrated main bearings configuration: FAG airline bearings department has developed the main bearings configuration of BR700 engine. These engines are developed by German Rolls-Royce and applied in line and business jet plane made by Boeing Bombardier and Gulf Stream Company.
FAG bearings success factor: 1.Using simultaneous engineering technology—hand in hand with the users to develop products. 2.By system integration to reduce the weight of products and the number of the elements, and save the cost. 3. Elements of bearings and integrated main bearings are welded by beam.

5.    Joint Strike Fighter 
FAG airline bearings department is the innovative partners of the new project; for example, in the process of the nozzle bearings VTOL joint strike fighter (Lockheed system) invention.
FAG bearings success factors:1.VTOL system: Rolls-Royce. 2. Propulsion system: HP F135 / General Electric F136. 3. Nozzle bearings: diameter 1200mm, high temperature bearing rings, corrosion resistant steels, ceramic spheres.

6.    Sikorsky Helibus S92
Sikorsky helicopters use FAG roller bearings manufacture a large number of bearings used in Sikorsky Helibus S92 helicopters; their autogiros use       automatic inclinator bearings.
FAG bearings success factors:1.Higher efficiency and reliability design of automatic inclinator bearings. 2. Double row slice bearings(diameter:750mm)use high corrosion and fatigue resistant steels. 3. Produce cylindrical roller bearing used in transmission of helicopters.

7.  Space propulsion apparatus
Turbine pump bearings: FAG airline bearings department, NASA and HP Company jointly develop the main bearings of space shuttle. The new FAG bearings needn’t to change after launched every time, and they can be launched more than once. 
FAG bearings success factors:1.Experiences in the area of aerospace engineering bearings. 2. Special materials can extend life of bearings. 3. Ceramic balls and rollers. 4. nitrogen-containingalloy stainless bearing rings. 5. Self – lubricating cages.

8.    Eurocopte
FAG roller bearings are used in helicopter manufacture by Eurocopter many helicopter manufactured by Eurocopter equiped with kinds of FAG bearings.
FAG bearings success factors:1. Integrated design lighten the weight. 2. Optimize internal structure to improve reliability. 3. Coat the products to avoid corrosion. 4. Use wears resistance and alloy materials to extend the life of bearings.