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How to define repair of SKF imported bearings and ways of it

Best time to determine bearings repair

The best time for bearings to repair should be defined by damage regularity and features of SKF imported bearings. The most regular used medium or small bearings’ damage, usually rings or rolling bodies’ fatigue and too much worn are the main damage. When the rolling surface’s damage closes to the third period, the bearings’ damage is negligible. Send the bearings to repair are the best time and it can get the best repairing effect.

The way to define repair time

(1)    Use bearings monitoring instrument

Use working condition monitoring instrument like ferrography, SPM or I-ID—1 to judge the bearings’ condition and define the time to repair. This is the most easy and reliable way.

For example, during the use of HD—1, when the needle comes to danger area and it didn’t come to the warning area after lubrication, we can sure that it’s the SKF bearings’ problem. At this time we can repair the bearings before the needle comes to danger area. By using this kind of instrument can take all advantage of the bearings. It’s safe and economical to repair the bearings timely.

(2)    Use simple tools to monitor

Without monitoring instrument, operating personnel can handled with rods or spanners get close to the shell of the machine to hear the sound of the running bearings, of course stethoscope also can be used.

The sound of normal SKF bearings should be smoothing steady and not harsh. Firstly, we should get used to the sounds of normal running bearings, and then we can judge the unmoral sounds. With practical experience, we can define different problems of the bearings. There’re many different kinds of sounds, it’s hard to speak, and we need to practice more.