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INA water pump bearings damaged reason Avoiding ways

1. Improper operation 
Reasons: improper installation, operation or destruction may lead the cages’ distortions or deficiency.
Suggestions: use proper operation, installation and Removal tools. 

2. Inadequate lubrication
Reasons: Inadequate lubrication may cause graze of elements or severely deformed of INA bearings.
Suggestions: to improve lubrication system, add or change lubricant.

3. Rust corrosion
Reasons: If water pump bearings connected with water, the element in bearings may cause rust corrosion. Bearings with rust corrosion may scale off during working.
Suggestions: check seals timely, keep seals in good condition. Store the INA imported bearings.

4. Electric current
Reasons: When bearings are electrified, recesses or scores may occur.
Suggestions: Before weld the elements except INA bearings, try to reduce or avoid electric current go through the bearings.

5. Outside materials
Reasons: abrasion particle contamination and fragments may cause abrasion graze depression of the table of the bearings.
Suggestions: clean the particle contamination and fragments, change lubricant and check the seal system.

6. Eccentricity
Reasons: Eccentricity slope, too much load may cause geometrical stress concentration or flake off of the surface.
Suggestions: precision machining INA imported bearings’ housing.