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When to choose low - noise Imported bearings

1, Imported bearings with requirement of low noise.

IN standard bearings produced in china, some single row radial ball bearings and short cylindrical roller bearing have low-noise type for motor bearings. Ball bearings of them have some types suffix Z1, Z2 and Z3, their inside diameters are from φ2.5mm to φ60mm; they are each for three different types of requirement of low-noise. In roller bearings there’re 8 types from N309 to N322 have types have low-noise standard.

These imported bearings can be used in machines with requirement of low-noise totally, moreover their prices are low. If it’s suitable in type and size, try best to use these two kinds of low-noise bearing.

2, Use relatively low noise bearings.When it’s impossible to use these two kinds of imported low-noise bearings, we can choose relatively low noise bearings. 

Noises of ball bearings are lower than roller bearings; noises of imported bearings with relatively less sliding are lower than that with relatively more sliding.

Noises of solid cages imported bearings are lower than noises of pressed cages; Noises of plastic cages are lower than that of solid cages and pressed cages. More balls and thicker outer ring have lower noises.

Imported bearings with high precision specifically bearings has rolling body with higher precision, their noises are lower than bearings with lower precision.

Noises of small imported bearings are lower than big ones.