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How to choose FAG bearings

1、Choice of bearing designation: bearing designations is usually chosen by users’ engineers, his choice of FAG bearings are according to the condition of the matching products and the applied load. Salespeople should know weather the user’s actual load accorded with the bearings chosen or not. If the bearings can’t reach the requirement of using, salespeople should suggest the customers to change the bearing designations as son as possible. But there’s no problem in choosing bearing designation unless it’s special product.

2、Choice of clearance of the bearings: users usually announce the designation and the level, they rarely announce the clearance of bearings. Salesman must ask the using condition. Bearings’ running speed, temperature and fit tolerance are all directly related to the choice of clearance of FAG bearings. Generally, motors whose speed under 3500 r/min most use CM clearance. High temperature high speed motors need bigger clearance. Clearance of the bearings will reduce for the internal holes’ swollen and circumcircles’ deflation. Clearance’s decrement= shrinkage*60% (except the bearing chambers are made by aluminum). For example the clearance of the bearing before installation is 0.01mm, shrinkage during the installation is 0.01mm, so the the clearance of the bearing after installation is 0.004mm.Theoretically, bearings’ noise and life are all at the best condition with no clearance. But in practical operation, the temperature rise and other problems should be considered, so the clearance of the bearings after installation between 0.002mm and 0.004mm is better.

3、Choice of grease: It’s usually related to the speed of bearings, the condition of heat resistant, requirement of noise, starting torque and other aspect. Salespeople should know all kinds of greases’ function well.
4、Choice of sealing types for bearings: FAG bearings’ lubrication can be divided into two types: lubricating oil and grease lubrication. Oil-lubricated bearing always use formed bearings. Lubricating grease bearings usually use dustproof caps or rubber seals to seal. Dustproof caps are used in the parts that have great heat or good using environment. Sealing elements can be divided in to two kinds: contact type and non-contact type. The contact type has dust resistance, but starting torque get powerful. The non-contact type has less starting torque, but the sealed function is worse than the contact type.