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8 Things You Must Know When You Buy Bearings from China

China has already become the biggest bearings manufacture base in the world. If your business is in the industrial parts field or your machines need bearings, you should know something about how to buy bearings from China.


In 2014 Chinese factories exported bearings up to 1000 tons, which were mainly exported to USA, India, Germany, Korea and Japan. But how you can buy good and economic bearings from China, after working in this field many years, let me give you some suggestions.


1, Different Quality


You should know China has thousands of bearings manufacturers, which means they have different levels, some can produce really excellent product, and some are really terrible bad. If some factories give you the very cheapest price, just be careful, checking with others, if the price is much lower than the standard line, they surely use some bad material to save cost. 


2, Different Location


As there are thousands of bearings factories in China, then they are distributed in different location. Due to the industrial history, most of the factories in North produce the big size bearings for the heavy industry, and the factories in South produce the small size bearings for the light industry. 


3,How to Find


Most factories have internet website, and you can find different suppliers with different products easily, also can find right ones in Alibaba, Globalsource B2B, because the members on these B2B have to pay high membership cost, then if they are small or bad, they will not pay to be the membership.


4, Bargain or Not


Most of the factories will give some discount when the order is not too small, but nowadays because of the high competitive, most of the factories will not offer high price, then leave a very small bargain space.


5, Quality Guarantee


You can check with each factory, they may supply the different guarantee time, most is about 12 months under a normal using condition.


6, Delivery Time


Depends on the bearing is standard or not, normally they have stock ones (in 5 days), parts stock ones(in 15-20 days), standard manufacturing (30-40days), custom manufacturing (45-60 days)


7, Export Service


Most of the factories if they want to do the exporting, they may have some people who can speak English, but that does not mean they can communicate well and handle all the process. Then doing with a company has good export experience will cause you less trouble, and they will give you good suggestion during the production, transporting and paper preparing. 


8, Factory or Trading Company


Between factory and trading company, they both have their advantages, normally factory will supply you good price, and trading company will supply you good service and quality control. Then if you can find a factory with very good export experience and professional export sales, that will be a good choice, otherwise maybe experienced trading company will be better in controlling quality and also the price controlling, because a good experienced trading company has a very good knowledge in this field and know how to choose a qualified factory and how to get a better price. 


At last, Shopping in China is Great if you know how!